Justin bieber sing a MJ song

Hittade en video när Justin Bieber sjöng en Michael Jackson låt.
Jag tycker han gjorde det riktigt bra!

Lisa Marie Presley

Tisdag 6 oktober, kommer Lisa Marie Presley vara gäst talare på Oprah Winfrey Show.
Presley förväntas att tala om döden av Michael Jackson, reflektera över deras äktenskap och utforska paralleller mellan The King Of Pop och hennes pappa, Elvis Presley.

we need Michael here with us

"I do know that God is good. And I do know as much as we may feel - and we do - 
that we need Michael here with us, God must have needed him far more"

~ Stevie Wonder

all the children of the world over

"Michael Jackson is, indeed, an international favourite for all ages, an incredible force of incredible energy. In the art of music, he is a pacesetter for quality of production, in the vanguard for high standards of entertainment.
What makes Michael more unique may be fact that all of his accomplishments, his rewards, have not altered his sensitivity and concern for the welfare of others, or his intense caring and love for his family and friends, and especially all the children of the world over. He is filled with deep emotions that create an unearthly, special, innocent, childlike, wise man that is Michael Jackson. He is so giving of himself that, at times, he leaves very little to protect that beautiful inner core that is the essence of him. I think Michael appeals to the child in all of us. He has the quality of innocence that we would all like to obtain or have kept.
I think Michael is like litmus paper. He is always trying to learn. He has one of the sharpest wits, he is intelligent, and he is cunning - that is a strange word to use about him, because it implies deviousness and he is one of the least devious people I have ever met in my life.
Michael is highly intelligent, shrewd, intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and generous to almost a fault of himself. He is honesty personified - painfully honest - and vulnerable to the point of pain. He is also very curious and wants to draw from people who have survived. People who have lasted. He is not really of this planet. If he is eccentric it's because he is larger than life.
What is a genius? What is a living legend? What is a megastar? Michael Jackson - that's all. And just when you think you know him, he gives you more...
There is no one that can come near him, no one can dance like that, write the lyrics, or cause the kind of excitement that he does. When I hear the name Michael Jackson, I think of brilliance, of dazzling stars, lasers and deep emotions. I think he is one of the world's biggest and greatest stars, and it just so happens that he is one of the most gifted music makers the world has ever known.
I think he is one of the finest people to hit this planet, and, in my estimation, he is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul. I love you Michael."

- Elizabeth Taylor

He influenced me in so many ways

He influenced me in so many ways, more than just music ... as a humanitarian, as a philanthropist, as an artist, as an individual who transcended culture. I wouldn't be who I am today without Michael Jackson," Usher said. "They say if you ever want to be great, you've got to study who the greats studied, so, of course, I studied his moves — studied them down to a T. But there was much more to him than that. Really, he created an eclectic style of life and, throughout the years, from his childhood to his adulthood, he managed to continue to be successful, but also to continue to push the limits and push everyone's expectations."

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